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High Noon 2 chords - Tex Ritter

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Tex Ritter Sheet music
High Noon
 Written By Ned Washington & Dimitri Tiompkin
 Sung By Tex Ritter
 [E] Do not forsake me oh, my darling, on this our wedding [A] day.
 Do not forsake me oh, my [E] dar-[A]ling [G#m7] wait, [F#m7]
 wait a-[B7] long.
 [E] I do not know what fate awaits me, I only know I must be [A] brave
 For I must face a man who [E] hates me, [Am] or die a [E] coward,
 [Am] a craven [E] coward, 
 Or [Am] lie a [G#m7] coward [F#m7] in [B7] my [E] grave.
 [E] Oh, to be torn betwixt love and duty, 
 Supposin' I lose my fair haired beauty,
 Look at that big hand move around,
 Nearin' High [B7] Noon.
 He [A] made a vow while in state's prison,
 [E] Vowed it would be my life or his'n.
 [Am] I'm not afraid of death but, oh,
 [E] What will I do if you [F#m7] leave [B7] me ?
 [E] Do not forsake me oh, my darling,
 You made that promise as a [A] bride.
 Do not forsake me oh, my [E] darling,
 [Am] Although you're [E] grievin', 
 [Am] Don't think of [E] leavin'
 [Am] Now that I [G#m7] need [F#m7] you [A] by [B7] my [E] side.
 Wait a-[A] long, Wait a-[E]long,
 Wait a-[A]long Wait a-[E] long  

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