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The Remember Song chords - Tom Rush

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Tom Rush Sheet music
                The Remember Song

Tom plays this tune with a capo on the 3 fret playing the chords  D-G-A. 
This is actually the chords F-Bb-C.  However, I will chord the tune in D.
If you are a purist replace the D with an F, the G with a Bb, and the A with a C.

( Verses are all chorded the same )

Intro : Strum the D

D                             G
I'm looking for my wallet and car keys
A                                D
....Well they can't have gone too far
D                         G
Just as soon as I find my glasses
A                                     D
....I'm sure I'll see just where they are.

D                             G
Supposed to meet someone for lunch today, 
A                        D
....but I can't remember where.
D                      G
or who it is that I am meeting 
A                             D's in my organizer some-where.

I might have left it on the counter,
maybe outside in the car
The last time I remember driving,
 was to that memory enhancement seminar.

What's that far off distant ringing,
 And that strangely familiar tone?
Must be the person I am meeting, 
calling me on my brand new cordless telephone.

I might have left it under the covers, 
maybe outside on the lawn
and I've got just one more ring to go, 
before my answering machine kicks on.

Hi, this is Tom and your call means a lot to me, 
so leave a message at the tone...
and I'll do my best to try to remember
to call you back when I get home


Tom, this is Gwendolyn, 
and I'm trying not to cry.
but I've been waiting here for over an hour, 
I thought you loved me, this is goodbye.

D                       G
Well...the voice sounds familiar, 
A                          D
...,and the name it rings a bell.
D                    G      Stay in G and strum like you forgot )
Let's see now, where was I, 
A        D
......Oh well. 

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