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Amelia's Railroad Flat chords - Tom Russell

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Tom Russell Sheet music
Tom Russell

Capo 2
Intro: (D)/

(A) Doin’ what I never (D) knew
But I’d meet her down at the Em) depot
(A) Every day at half past (D) two

And we climbed the (D7) old wood (G) stairway
(A) Find the key below the (D) mat
Watch the sunset on the (Em) freight yard
(A) Up at Amelia’s railroad (D) flat //// //// /

(A) From the Polish liquor (D) store
Spanish rice, Moroccan (Em) oranges
(A) Persian rugs upon the (D) floor

And Amelia (D7) came from (G) Denmark
(A) She bought a pair of Siamese (D) cats
They’d wake us up there in the (Em) morning
(A) At Amelia’s railroad (D) flat //// //// //// ////

And every (Bm) night the midnight ghost rode out on (G) time
(Bm) Rolling down the line at 12 (G) 09
And we’d (Bm) sit and count the cars out on the (G) track
As they (D) shook the bedroom window of Amelia’s railroad (A) flat //// //// /
(A) /// //  (G) //// //// (A) //// //// (D) //// //// //// //// (Em) //// //// 
(A) //// //// (D) //// //// /

(A) And the buildings block the (D) sun
And Amelia sailed for (Em) Demark
(A) Way back in 198-(D)-1

But every time I (D7) hear a (G) freight train
(A) Or watch the sun set on the (D) tracks
Lord I recall those summer (Em) evenin’s
(A) Up at Amelia’s railroad (D) flat

And every time I (D7) hear a (G) freight train
(A) Blowin’ lonely down the (D) track
I hear those bedroom windows (Em) rattle
(A) Up at Amelia’s railroad (D) flat

Lord how those bedroom windows (Em) rattled
(A) Up at Amelia’s railroad (D) flat //// //// //// ///


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