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California Plates chords - Deric Ruttan

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Deric Ruttan Sheet music
                Capo 3
C - Em - Am - F  C - Em - F

Verse 1 
Met you out on the west coast 
Fell in love in Frisco and brought you home 
You said you loved this small town 
We tried to put some roots down of our own 

But the city lights burned so bright 
In your memory 
Guess they were always calling you 
Away from me 

C                 Em
Should be good to go
  Am               F 
I topped it off, I checked the oil 
There's a map on the dash, 
      Em                  F    G
But I guess you know your way 

      C                Em
And I have to laugh I guess 
        Am            F
As you point your Eldorado west 
You changed my life 
You changed your name 
         F                  G          C 
But you never changed your California plates 

Em - Am - F

Verse 2: 
Bet you missed the beaches 
Warm ocean breezes rollin' in 
But I'll miss the cool nights 
Nothin' but the firelight on your skin 

Girl dry your eyes I know you tried 
To make it work 
But in your heart your still
A California girl 


C - Em - F - G

And I have to laugh I guess 
As you point your Eldorado west 
You changed my life 
You changed your name 
But you never changed your California plates 
         F                  G          C 
No you never changed your California plates

Deric Ruttan ChordsDeric Ruttan Lyrics

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