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Main Street, 1979 chords - Deric Ruttan

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Deric Ruttan Sheet music
                Capo 3

Legs stickin' to the vinyl seats
Ice cream truck goes by on the street
Little brother doesn't even look 
F                      C
Head buried in a comic book
Dad come back with cigarettes
Radio plays Bennie & The Jets
Mama sings, says don't touch that dial
F          C
Daddy just smiles

Chorus 1:
    Am                 C/B      C
And we roll out of the five and dime
F           G  C
Main Street 1979

Passed the park and the hardware store
Daddy waves to the man in the door
Stopped down at the KFC, soon there's chicken smellin up the back seat
Mama says you boys leave that bucket alone 
We'll all eat when we get home
Catch my dad in the side view mirror
Grinnin' ear to ear

Chorus 2:
He was holdin mama's hand real tight
Main Street 1979

Am                 G
I wonder now who's town this is
   F                 C  
As I roll in with my wife and kids
Cause nothing seems to change
But nothing stays the same

Daddy drove on and there he was
Loading lumber on a flat bed truck
Grampa waved and smiled real big
Lord, how he loved us grand kids
Six years later when the cancer came
That old man didn't know my name
Wished now dad had stopped the car 
And I would run for a hug from Grampa's arms

But I barely waved as we drove by 
Main Street 1979
What I'd give for one more ride
Down Main Street 1979

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