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Shine chords - Deric Ruttan

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Deric Ruttan Sheet music
                Deric Ruttan - Shine

E               A          C#m                 B
I remember the mountains, reflecting in the great salt lake
E           A        B
That crazy summer we hitch-hiked out west
E               A          C#m         B    
Sunlight in the dessert, firelight on your face
E              A        B            
But tonight i'm never gonna forget
F#m                                  A
By the light of a silver moon I was playing my guitar    F#m                          A          B
When you danced in circles under the stars

And I thought...

C#m    B      A
Somewhere in heaven they must miss you
C#m  B      A
Somehow you found your way to me
C#m   B          A
This world looks brighter than it used to
E                      A          B
And I wanna spend the rest of my life
             C#m  B    A     C#m  B    A
Watching you shine__________ shine_________

You take the ordinary and make it beautiful
You can light up the world with a smile on your face
Everyone who knows you feels the miracle
You make the world a better place
Last night it really hit me, playing by your side
All the little ways you're teaching me to fly
And I thought

(to chorus)

          D                A           E
You're my insapiration, my destination for all time
       D                  A
When darkness blinds me, your love guides me
       D              B
Like a guiding star from my heart
           C#m B A          C#m  B  A
You shine_____

(to chorus)

Deric Ruttan ChordsDeric Ruttan Lyrics

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