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Thanks Again chords - Ricky Skaggs

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Ricky Skaggs Sheet music
by Ricky Skaggs
written by Jim Rushing
copyright PolyGram International Publishing
[E7] I've sent[A] bouquets for [E/A] Mother's Day, for [D] Father's Day a
shirt and card[A]
And while they[C#7sus] came from the heart[C#7] they [F#m] all [E] fell [D]
of [Bm] saying how special [E7] you both are.
It [A] wasn't  til I was [E/A] up and gone [D/A] married with a couple of
kids[A] of my own
[C#7sus] doing what ma[C#7]mas and dad[F#m] dies [Esus] do [D]
that I [Bm] realized what I must have[E] put[Esus] you[E] through

So[A] thanks again for the[E/A] love in the cradle and [Em/A] all of the
that [D] kept me dry.  And[A] thanks again for the[C#sus] love at our
and [F#m] tannin' my bot[F#m/E]tom when I [D] told you a lie, for [A]
takin' me fishin'
and [E] flyin' my kites, and{A7] tuckin' me in[G/B] yes[A7/C#] night[D]
after night.
[Dm] To my [A] beautiful[E] life long[F#m] friends[D] hey,
[Bm] Mom and [A/C#] Daddy[D] thanks [Esus] again.

[E/A] I'm still a [A] young man, least I [E/A] think I am, but I'm[D/A]
watchin' my own hair
turn[A] gray.  And your[C#7sus] call last[C#7] Sunday brought[F#m] to[Esus]
[D] that I [Bm] owe you a debt I can[E] nev[Esus]er re[E]pay.
So[A] thanks again for[E/A] worrin' and waitin' when[Em/A] I started
dat[G/B]in' on [D]
week-end nights.  And[A] thanks again for the[C#7sus] help with my
home[C#7] work and
[F#m] sittin' up with[F#m/E] me till[D] I got it right, your[A] car for the
your[E] letters in ÎNam but[A7] most of all Dad[G/B]dy[A7/C#] for[D]
marryin' Mom[Dm].
To my[A] beautiful[E] life long [F#m] friends, [D] hey [Bm] Mom and [A/C#]
[D] thanks [A] again.

Ricky Skaggs ChordsRicky Skaggs Lyrics

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