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Crying On Your Shoulder chords - Doug Stone

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Doug Stone Sheet music
Doug Stone
11:59 PM 9/22/2010

Capo 2nd Fret

Intro: (D) (D/F#) (G) (Asus4) (A) x 2

(D) Turning up my (D/F#) collar
To a (G) cold kansas (D) morning
(G) Storm clouds (A) forming up a(D)head
Ol' (G) highway, you're so (A) lonely
But when (D) love dies, you've (D/F#) always
Been the (E) only one to help me for(A)get
Now I'm (G) right back to where you're all that I got (Asus4) left (A)

 So here I (D) am (D/F#)
 (G) Crying on your (A) shoulder a(D)gain (D/F#)
 (G) Dying just to (A) hold (A/Bb) her
 (Bm) Lord it sure gets (E) cold here
 (G) Walking with my back to the (A) wind,
 And (G/F#) here I (G) am, (A) crying on your shoul(Asus4)der a(D)gain

Standing by a truck stop,
Kicking up some loose rocks,
Its back to the blacktop and the blues
Oh highway she was one love,
I thought i could be sure of,
But as sure as she found somebody new,
Love always leads me back to you

Repeat Chorus

I'm crying
And im dying just to hold her

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