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Jimmys Got A Girlfriend chords - Wilkinsons

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Wilkinsons Sheet music
                Intro: C  Dm  F  G (x2)

    C            Dm  F
He's all dressed up
       G               C       Dm   F       G
Buying flowers for the first time  (ooh ooh ooh)
    C         Dm      F
His pick-up's polished, mmm
G              C     Dm   F       G
Shining like a new dime  (ooh ooh ooh)
      C                   Dm
There ain't no doubt he's got a secret
F                  G
Ain't no way he's gonna keep it
C               Dm                     F
Listen how the whole town's talking, they're all sayin'

G              C      Dm  F
Jimmy's got a girlfriend
G                 C        Dm   F
We all know where he's been
G              C   Dm   F
Hugging and a kissing
   G             C      Dm  F   G
Oh Jimmy's got a girlfriend

C              Dm  F
He's all tore up
         G           C       Dm   F   G
>From her lovin' and affection    (ooh)
      C          Dm
And a boy's night out
      F       G               C     Dm  F  G
These days is just out of the question
     C                      Dm
They say he's out there and they don't get it
    F                    G
But that's just love and that boy's in it
C                Dm                 F
Cupid's arrow's done been shot, he didn't duck now


Instrumental: C  Dm  F  G  C  Dm  F  G

F             C
Lovestruck, starry eyed
  Dm       C
No if's or maybe's
F           C          G
That boy's gone girl crazy (girl crazy)

A              D       Em  G
Jimmy's got a girlfriend
A                 D        Em   G
We all know where he's been
A              D   Em   G
Hugging and a kissing
   A             D      Em  G   A
Oh Jimmy's got a girlfriend

     D                      Em            G     A
They say he's out there and they don't get i------t
D               Em   G         A
Hey that's love,    oh sweet love
D            Em     G            A
He's got the girl, he's got the girl
D       Em     G    A
Jimmy's got a girlfriend

Outro: D  Em  G  A (twice to fade)

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