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I Have to Surrender chords - Ty Herndon

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Ty Herndon Sheet music
Ab                   Db              Eb
All of my life I've fought hard for things
             Db  Ab    Db  Eb
that I have want-ed
Ab             Db        Eb           Db
Caught up and blindly believing the strongest
  Ab      Db Cm
Eb                            Db
But here in your eyes I see everything
        Ab                  Eb
I ever dreamed of and I am afraid
Eb                 Db                  Ab
If I rush in if I move to fast I just might
frightened my one chance away

      Eb                     Db
It's easy to be strong I've done it for so long
     Ab                    Eb
But this time I have to remember
Db                      Eb               Db        Ab
This time to get what I want I have to surrender

Ab                       Db           Eb        Db    Ab  Db Eb
Here I stand helplessly willing and waiting for your love
Ab                         Db            Eb      Db  Ab  Db Cm
When want became need, my heart had no choice at all-ll 
Eb                        Db
What will you do now it's up to you now
Ab                         Eb
It's so hard to wait but I will
Eb                 Db
God give me wisdom God give me strength
          Ab                     Eb
And the courage to simply stand still

chorus, lead, to bridge

Eb                              Ab
Here I am take me  Somehow you save me
>From a lifetime of not being all love can make me.

Eb                     Db
It's easy to be strong I've done it for so long
     Ab                    Eb
But this time I have to remember
Db                      Eb
This time to get what I want
      Ab                 Eb
This time I have to be tender
Db                       Eb
This time to get what I need
   Db        Ab
I have to surrender

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