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Tangled Up In Love tabs - Keith Urban

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Keith Urban Sheet music
                The Ranch - Tangled Up In Love (tab)

Play this with capo on 3rd fret,
Chord names and shapes are relative to position of capo.

Also the chords I've tabbed are easiest for if you're picking the
song... so a lot are only partial chords.
You can get away with leaving a lot of the alternate bass notes
out if you're just strumming.

Am7    =  x02010                       D7        =   xx0212

D      =  xx0232                       D/E       =   xx2232

D/F#   =  xx4232 or 2x0232             G         =   xx5433 or 320033

Em     =  xx2000                       Bm        =   x24432

C      =  x32010                       C/D       =   xx001x
C/E    =  xx201x                       C/F#      =   xx401x

Cmaj7  =  x32003                       G/B       =   x20033

F      =  x33211                       D(add9)   =   xx0230


Am7  D7  Am7  D7


Am7                             D7
You know the cards are stacked against this 
Am7                    D7
 As we surrender our defenses
Am7                        D      D/E  D/F#  G
 And I've torn down all my fences just for   you 
        D/F#    Em
And you feel it too
     Bm    C
What do we do
      C      D      Am7     D7  Am7  D7
Do we run or see it through

Am7                 D7
 The longer we're together
Am7                    D7  
 It just keeps gettin' better
And you hide your little love letters
 D         D/E   D/F#  G
Around the house for   me
         D/F#     Em
And it's plain to see
            Bm     C      C/D  C/E  C/F# G 
That you'll always be all I'll ev - er   need
    D/F#    Em
The webs we spun
     Bm   C
Wove into one
            Am7     D     Cmaj7
And left us tangled up in love

               G           Am7     
You squeeze my hand I understand
        G D/F# G   D Cmaj7
About a woman  and a man
           G/B             F    D/F#
I love the way you make me feel
           D(add9)       Am7 
You got me tangled up in love

Am7  D7  Am7  D7  Am7  D  D/E  D/F#  G

    D/F#    Em
The webs we spun
     Bm   C
Wove into one
        Am7     D     Cmaj7
Left us tangled up in love

               G           Am7     
You squeeze my hand I understand
        G D/F# G   D Cmaj7
About a woman  and a man
           G/B             F    D/F# 
I love the way you make me feel
           D(add9)       Am7   D7  Am7  D7
You got me tangled up in love

                         Am7   D7  (repeat these chords to end over lyrics)
You got me tangled up in love



   Am7            D7             Am7            D7


INSTRUMENTAL SOLO  (relative to capo position)

  Am7          D7    Am7                      D7


   Am7             D    D/E  D/F#    G



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