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Fastest Way To Texas chords - Drew Womack

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Drew Womack Sheet music
                Fastest Way To Texas
By Drew Womack

G   Cadd9   G/B   D  (twice)

G                Cadd9    G/B           D           G    Cadd9   G/B   D
She was still in Ontario when I headed down Thunder Bay
G                        Cadd9           G/B            D       G    Cadd9   G/B   D
I stopped off for gas in St. Paul and it got me through all of IA
G                       Cadd9    G/B          D           G    Cadd9   G/B   D
Yeah she really made me mad this time and I had to get away
G                     Cadd9     G/B D                G    Cadd9   G/B   D
So I was Texas bound just like that, and Texas I'll stay.
     Am          C          F
In a Kansas City Bar off of I-35
          Am      C                  F
I stopped off for directions to make up for lost time
            Am              C             F      D
Said I was looking for the fastest way to Texas tonight.

G                Cadd9    G/B           D           G    Cadd9   G/B   D
A man on a stool by himself started giving me advise.
G                Cadd9    G/B           D           G    Cadd9   G/B   D
He said I know the shortcuts, cause that interstate it messed up my life.
     Am          C          F
It was San Antonio, it was the middle of the night
     Am          C          F
She knew I was all wrong, but she didn't want to fight
     Am          C          F               D
So I jumped in my car and drove out of her sight

And the way I get back is, son I...

G                Cadd9    G/B           D           
Walk up, sit down, and buy myself a double round
     G    Cadd9          G/B            D
The whole time I'm there thats when I crumble
         Am              Cadd9         Em
And its whiskey not the highway that drives me to tears
               Am             D          G      Cadd9
And thats the fastest way to Texas from here
      G/B            D          G    Cadd9   G/B   D
The fastest way to Texas from here

He went on to tell me all the things along the way that remind him of her
Thats why he won't go back the same way cause of how much it hurts
He said light conversation can lead anywhere
From football, to baseball, to how life just ain't fair
But in this part of this bar we don't like to go there
But if you really want to know, I just...


         Am  Cadd9
Well its my way
       Am   D
Or the highway

Well he stumbled his way though his life, through the pain and regret
He said take a look at that old car outside, cause its all I have left
And let me say one last thing before you hit the road
And buy you a round, propose a toast
To the one man in this bar who knows who I hurt the most
I guess I've got a thing, cause I just...


She was still in Ontario when I headed up Thunder Bay...

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