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My Elusive Dreams chords - Tammy Wynette

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Tammy Wynette Sheet music

Greg, I haven't complimented you on this site in a while.  It's simply the
best place on the entire net as far as I'm concerned.  It's helping me and
nearly every musician I know who has a computer.  So to you and all your
manure shovelers -- keep it up.  It really is worth all the hard work.

Kenneth Benney requested this song.  I'm sending the version I perform, and
I warn you that I think it's different from the way Tammy and David did it.
 Here's how:  I think they started the song with the female singing.  Since
I don't remember for sure and can't remember how they did the rest of the
song anyway, I'm sending it in like I do it.  It works this way for me, but
you change the parts around as it suits you.  Of course, the song can be
done solo with a few simple pronoun changes.

I hate it that we've lost Tammy's genius, but so thankful for all the
wonderful music she leaves behind.  God bless her and her family.

 Recorded by Tammy Wynette and David Houston

             E-1            A-4        B7-57         E-1
(Male)  You followed me to Texas, you followed me to Utah
                   A-4              B7-57
We didn't find it there so we moved on.
            E-1             A-4      B7-57                E-1
(Female)  I followed you to Alabam, things looked good in Birmingham
                   A-4              B7-57
We didn't find it there so we moved on.

               E-1      A-4       B7-57       E-1
I know you're tired of following, my elusive dreams and schemes
A-4               E-1           B7-57         E1
For they're only fleeting things, my elusive dreams.

(Female)  I had your child in Memphis, you heard of work in Nashville

we didn't find it there so we moved on.

(Male)  To a small farm in Nebraska, to a gold mine in Alaska

we didn't find it there so we moved on.

(Female-recite)  And now we've left Alaska, because there was no gold mine

But this time only two of us move on.

(Male-recite)  Now all we have is each other, and a little memory to cling

But still you won't let me go on alone.

(To Chorus)

Tom Rivers, Sr.

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