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Song Remembers When chords - Trisha Yearwood

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Trisha Yearwood Sheet music
Here is a song for which I have worked out the chords.  This is only the
second song that I have tackled on my own, but I think its pretty close to
the CD.  I have been wanting to get the tab done for it, but I think that's
a little too much for me to chew off at this time.  Also, I wish I could
play it more easily on the guitar -- I am a fairly new player, and the
chords in this song are tricky for me to play!  Anyway, here it is:

The Song Remembers When
by Trisha Yearwood
written by Hugh Prestwood

Album:  The Song Remembers When (1983)

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   [F]   [A#]   [F]   [A#]   [F]

I was [C7]standing at the counter,
I was [C7]waiting for the change,
When I [C7]heard that old familiar music [F]start.
It was [C7]like a lighted match,
had been [C7]tossed into my soul,
It was [C7]like a dam had broken in my [F]heart.

After [A#]taking every detour,
Gettin' [A#]lost and losin' track,
So that [F]even if I wanted,
I could [F]not find my way back.
After [A#]drivin' out the memory,
Of the [A#]way things might have been,
After [C7]I'd forgotten all about us,
The song remembers [F]when.  [A#]

We were [C7]rollin' through the Rockies,
We were [C7]up above the clouds,
When a [C7]station out of Jackson played that [F]song.
And it [C7]seemed to fit the moment,
And the [C7]moment seemed to freeze,
When we [C7]turned the music up and sang a-[F]long.

And there [A#]was a God in Heaven,
And the [A#]world made perfect sense,
We were [F]young and were in love,
And we were [F]easy to convince.
We were [A#]headed straight for Eden,
It was [A#]just around the bend,
And [C7]though I have forgotten all about it,
The song remembers [F]when.

I guess [A#]something must have happened,
And we [A#]must have said good-[Dm]bye.
And my [G7]heart must have been broken,
Though [C7]I can't recall just why, [m.c.]
The song remembers [F]when.  [A#]  [F]  [A#]

Well, for [C7]all the miles between us,
And for [C7]all the time that's past,
You would [C7]think I haven't gotten very [F]far.
And I [C7]hope my hasty heart,
Will for-[C7]give me just this once,
If I [C7]stop to wonder how on earth [F]you are.

But that's [A#]just a lot of water,
Under-[A#]neath a bridge I burned,
And there's [F]no use in backtracking,
Around [F]corners I have turned.
Still I [A#]guess some things we bury,
Are just [A#]bound to rise again,
For [C7]even if the whole world has forgotten,
The song remembers [F]when.

Yeah, and [C7]even if the whole world has forgotten, [n.c.]
The song remembers [F]when.  [A#]  [F]  [A#]  [F]

       F     A#    C7    G7    Dm
E -----1-----1-----0-----3-----x-----
A -----3-----1-----3-----2-----x-----
D -----3-----3-----2-----0-----0-----
G -----2-----3-----3-----0-----2-----
B -----1-----3-----1-----0-----3-----
e -----1-----1-----0-----1-----1-----

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