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Love You Back chords - Rhett Akins

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Rhett Akins Sheet music
Love You Back
By Rhett Akins
Intro: G/B  C9  D  G  G/BB  C9  D  G/B  C9  D  G  G/B  C9  D  C
C               G/B                       A7sus                      G
Seventeen Kerilee Baker was setting my dreams on fire
C                                   G/B                A7sus
Back of the class I was sinking so fast drowning in my own desire
               C                            G/B     A7sus
I wrote poems and songs and letters, asking her if she'd be mine
                C                                G/B                    A7sus
We graduated that may, until this very day I'm still waiting on her reply
                         C             G      D             G
                 C               G    
Cause you can love somebody(love somebody) you can love somebody
              D                           C               G  
Thats a natural fact  you can love somebody
D          Em    D       C                G               D            G   
But the hard part is finding somebody who'll love you back
          C                 G                D              G        G/B  C9
 D  G  G/B  C9  D
Yeah finding somebody who will love you back
D            C                                    G/B
Well the years have gone by and I realize
A7sus                                 G
Nothing really much has changed 
          C                                         G/B
Still searching high and low for that single soul
A7sus                     G
Carrying a mutual flame
           C                             G/B
Well I had a few dear near misses
           A7sus                              G
Saying they could hear the music play
            C                                    G/B 
But I marched on believing just to find 
                        A7sus                 G
I was leading another one man parade
Am                           G/B                        C
                             Em           D   
But I Ain't giving up(aint giving up) no It means to much to me(means to much
to me)
Am                      G/B                   C                       D
But It's got to be right(so right) in giving as well as receive
Cause you can love somebody

repeat Intro, but end on D

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