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Rollin' Dice chords - Davin James

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Davin James Sheet music
                Rollin' Dice
Davin James

Intro: A D E A x2 	 

 	 Well I come around the corner he was standing there.
 	 He had his head hung down had his thumb in the air
 	 I told myself I'm gonna change his luck,
 	 so I pulled it on over and he got in the truck
 	 Thirty miles later he broke the ice
 	 He said I lost everything by throwing dice
 	 Well I can't seem to leave 'em alone
 	 Then he reached in his pocket and he pulled out bones

 	  	  	     A 	  	  	     D
 	 Well we started out slow, at five dollars a roll
 	  	  	    E                 A
 	 The next thing I know, I was in the hole
 	  	          A                  D
 	 Well I lost my hide, and I lost my keys
 	  	  	  	 E 	  	  	     A
 	 He said thanks for the ride, and he put me on the street

 	 It was almost morning when I heard a downshift
 	 "It looks like you could use a lift"
 	 I said thankya man I've been walking all night
 	 and from his rearview mirror hung fuzzy dice

 	  	  	     A 	  	  	     D 	 
 	 Well we started out slow, at five dollars a roll
 	  	  	    E                 A
 	 The next thing I know, he was in the hole
 	  	          A                  D
 	 Well he lost his hide, and he lost his keys
 	  	  	  	 E 	  	  	        A
 	 I said thanks for the ride, and then I put him on the street

 	  	  	   A                     D
 	 You know rolling dice, it's a lot like life
 	  	    E 	  	  	    A
 	 you never know, what you're gonna roll
 	  	 A 	  	   D
 	 It's a sin, but when you win
 	  	               E 	  	  	     A
 	 you know it feels so good, you got to do it again


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