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I'd Love To Be Your Last chords - Clay Walker

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Clay Walker Sheet music
                I'd Love To Be Your Last
Written by Rivers Rutherford, Annie Tate & Sam Tate
Recorded by Clay Walker

(Capo on 1)

Intro.:  | (C) (C/E) | (F) (G) | (G) --

If I had it my (C)way, (C/E) (F) this would be the (G)first time that you (C)made love (C/E)
(F) I'd be the (G)first man that your (E)hands touched
But (C)we'd both done our share of livin', takin' chances we were given
(F) I've never been big on lookin' back, (D) I don't care if I'm your (F)first love
(G) But I'd love to be (C)your last (G)

If I could do it (C)over, (C/E) (F) I'd have (G)waited for this (C)moment (C/E)
(F) To give my (G)heart to you un-(E)broken
But if (C)our mistakes brought us together, doesn't really matter whether
(F) We were saints or sinners in the (D)past, I don't care if I'm your (F)first love
(G) I'd just love to be your (C)last (C7)

(F) All I know is what I (C)see when I look at you
(F) And all I see is what I'm (C)feelin' down inside
(F) And all I'm feelin' is the (E)feelin' that I finally got it (F)right (Dm) (G)

When I wake up to-(C)morrow, (F) I'm gonna (G)throw my arms a-(C)round you
(F) Thank my (G)lucky stars, I (E)found you
'Cause I (C)know your heart has so much more than any man has touched before that
(F) Nothin' matters more to me than that, (D) I don't care if I'm your (F)first love
(G) But I'd love to be your last

Outro.:  | (C) (C/E) | (F) (G) | (C) ---

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