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Midnights Gone chords - Terri Clark

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Terri Clark Sheet music
MIDNIGHT'S GONE (from the Fearless CD)
by Terri Clark/Gary Burr
transcribed by Dale Krysinski (
)  11/20/01

   G          G5           D          D4          D2          C
  00          00        x00         x00         x00  0      x  0 0
||||||	||||||	||||||	||||||	||||||	||||1|
------	------	------	------	------      ------
|2||||	|1||||	|||1|2	|||1||	|||1||	||2|||
------	------	------	------	------	------
3||||4	2|||34	||||3|	||||34	||||3|	|3||||
------	------	------	------	------	------
||||||	||||||	||||||	||||||	||||||	||||||
------	------	------	------	------	------

  Em          Bm          Am
0  000                  00   0
||||||	||||||	||||1|	
------	------	------	
|23|||	111111	||32||	
------	------	------	
||||||	||||2|	||||||	
------	------	------	
||||||	||34||	||||||	
------	------	------	


	1.	D4 and D2 are usually called Dsus4 and Dsus2, but there's
not enough room to type that above the lyrics.  
	2.	Terri generally plays a G using the 1-2 fingers on the
bottom two strings instead of the 2-3, as in the G5 chord
	3.	I'm not sure about the Am chord over "say" in the break - it
might be a C or an Am7 (Am but leave the 3rd string open)
	4.	All of the G5 chords should be played with the top string
muted, except those in the chorus, which should be played as shown.
	5.	E-mail me with any corrections or ideas - this isn't
	6.	Capo 1st fret to match the CD.

G   C G5 G D   G C      G   C G5   G D   G C    

   G             C  G5      G     D            G    C 
We got our first McDonalds and it made the headline news
     G             C   G5                G  D      G  C 
In a town where no one locks their doors at night.
G              C   G5             G D            G     C 
All the lights are flashing yellow, we just roll right through,
    G            C G5         G  D     G  C
And there is not a superstore in sight

            D               Em 
But there's more to life, I told myself
    Am                          Em           D2   D   D4
I'd say goodbye by the time the clock struck twelve.

    G5               D4  D   D2 D    Em             C   D
And I can't pull the trigger on that changing world out there.
     G5                 D4    D D2  D Em            C    D 
With all these dreams I can't believe I'm still standing here.
     Bm	                           Em           C              
It's time to face the fact I'm not the rebel that I thought,
       C  G       D             G 
'cause midnight's gone, but I'm not.

(repeat intro; G on "not" is the first chord of the intro)

G        C G5       G   D            G  C
Everyone I run into has known me all my life.
      G            C G5           G    D    G  C
There are no secrets you can call your own.
G             C  G5        G    D            G    C
Since the age of seventeen I've faced the morning light
       G           C   G5       G    D    G  C
Saying this day is the day I'm gonna go.

      D             Em
All I have to do is drive away,

        Am                               Em      D2   D   D4
But the things that make me crazy always make me stay.

(repeat chorus)

(Instrumental - same as first two lines of the chorus)
     Bm	                           Em           C              
It's time to face the fact I'm not the rebel that I thought,
       C  G       D     C  G       D             G
'cause midnight's gone, midnight's gone, but I'm not.

(repeat intro; G on "not" is the first chord of the intro)

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