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Bald Headed End Of A Broom chords - Grandpa Jones

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Grandpa Jones Sheet music
                Bald Headed End of a Broom: Grandpa Jones
Chorded by Gary W, 14 Sept, 2006

Intro: Follow pattern of Chorus

(A) Now love it (E) is a (A) very funny (D) thing
It (A) catches the (E) young and the (A) old
It's just like a (E) plate of (A) boardinghouse (D) hash
To (A) many a (E) man it‘s (A) sold

Makes you feel like a (D) fresh water eel
And (A) causes your head to (E) swell
You'll (A) lose your (E) sight for (A) love is (D) blind
And (A) empty your (E) pocket book as (A) well

(A) Boys, keep away from the (D) girls, I said
And (A) give them lots of (E) room
‘Cause (A) when you (E) wed they’ll (A) beat you till you're (D) dead
With the (A) bald headed (E) end of a (A) broom

Instrumental: Follow pattern of Chorus

(A) When a boy goes a-(E)-round with a (A) pretty little (D) gal
They (A) talk as (E) gentle as a (A) dove
He (A) calls his (E) honey and he (A) spends his (D) money
To (A) prove he’s (E) solid in (A) love

When his money’s gone and his (D) clothes in hock
And he (A) has no bread to (E) chaw
He’ll (A) call some-(E)-one to (A) load up his (D) gun
And (A) vaccinate his (E) mother-in-(D)-law

Repeat Chorus

Instrumental: Follow pattern of Chorus

(A) Now all young (E) men take (A) my ad-(D)-vice
Don’t (A) be in a (E) hurry for to (A) wed
You think in (E) clover then your (A) honeymoons (D) over
And (A) then you wish (E) you was (A) dead

With a cross-eyed baby (D) on each knee
And a (A) wife with a plastic (E) nose
You’ll (A) find that (E) love doesn’t (A) run very (D) far
When you (A) have to wear (E) second hand (A) clothes

Repeat Chorus

Instrumental: Follow pattern of Chorus

(A) When married (E) folks have (A) lots of (D) cash
The (A) love runs (E) smooth and (A) strong
But when they (E) have to (A) feed on (D) hash
The (A) love don't (E) last very (A) long

With a wife and seventeen (D) half starved kids
I'll (A) tell you it is no (E) fun
When the (A) butcher comes a-(E)-round with a (A) bill to col-(D)-lect
With a (A) dog and a (E) double barreled (A) gun

Repeat Chorus

Instrumental: Follow pattern of Chorus

Repeat Chorus (Go faster)

[Thanks to Gary Willett for tabs]

Grandpa Jones ChordsGrandpa Jones Lyrics

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