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Rose Of San Joaquin chords - Tom Russell

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Tom Russell Sheet music
                written by:  Tom Russell & Ian Tyson - Frontera Music/Slick Fork Music

Note:  I've listed the chord on the refrain over "Rose" as a Cm.
       I'm not sure if this is correct but it is played the same as a
       Bm only on the third fret instead of the second.

G  Em  G  Em

    G                       Bm        C                           G
Farewell to the lights of Madera, I'm leaving with the wind at my back
G                             Bm         C                         G
Tell all of my friends in Dos Palos, I'm gone but I'll be circling back
G                               Em
Now I'm crossing the Chowchilia River
       G                     Em
By the light of a ragged moonbeam
          C        Cm             G     Em
Lord I'll miss the Rose of San Joaquin

Em            G                   Bm           C           G
I'll miss the sun on the Sierra Nevadas, adobe moon on the rise
G                          Bm              C                     G
Shining down on my love in Madera, shining into her dark Spanish eyes
G                              Em
Oh she taught me those Mexican love songs
G                      Em
"Volver, Volver" in my dreams
      C        Cm          G
And I miss the Rose of San Joaquin
G                   Em
Caught somewhere between
    C            Cm             G     Em
The road and the Rose of San Joaquin

Em     G                      Bm             C                      G
Oh her black hair fell on the blanket in the tall grass we with the dew
G                                    Bm
Making love through the night by the river
         C                          G
Oh Magdalene how my heart cries for you
G                        Em
Alone on this highway of darkness
G                       Em
You are the light of my dreams
      C        Cm             G
And I miss the Rose of San Joaquin
G                   Em
Caught somewhere between
    C            Cm             G     Em
The road and the Rose of San Joaquin

G  Em  C  Cm  G

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