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Feeling Never Goes Away chords - Doug Stone

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Doug Stone Sheet music
[A] Our eyes meet in the mirror as i [E] watched you comb your hair. [D]
I smile at you from my [E] pillow [D] thinking of the [E] love we'll [A]
share.[A[ as our hearts were touching my [E] lips move silently [D]
every time i say i [E] love you[D] this felling[E] comes over [A] me
CHORUS                                                              [A]
and darling the feelin never goes away [E] your in my heart and thats
where you stay[D] right here beside me util my dying[A] day time after
timeyou take my hand [E] you prove to me that i'm one lucky man [D] and
darlingthe[E] feeling never goes [A] away.
[A] Passion overwhelms me [E] as you turn out the light [D] your perfume
whispers so[E] softly[D] make love to[E] me[A] tonight.[A] I turned back
the covers [E] you lay down by my side[D] And when i hold you [E] hold
me close this way[D] i feel so[E] satisfied.

if money can solve it,there's not really a problem here.

Doug Stone ChordsDoug Stone Lyrics

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