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If Ever I Could Love chords - Keith Urban

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Keith Urban Sheet music
                Intro and Verse:

D:--5-----5-----5---------5---------------|   (X6)

(Verse 1)
I used to cry out in the middle of the night, "Baby hold me tight"
But there was nobody beside me when I opened my eyes
Now I turn the corner on those days and nights
Something inside me changed and I think I might...

            A  Bm
be starting over
I don't wanna
... over                 ... I don't wanna run

A  Bm        G
Oh no, cause you might be the one, baby


D                     G
If ever I could love, I think it could be with you
D                     G
If ever I thought I'd find somebody so true
D                    G
I wonder if you feel the same way that I do
D                    G
If ever I could love I think it could be with you

(Verse 2: Repeat verse progression)
You know I cant read your mind my love but it seems to me
Your heart and mine tonight are defying gravity
Somethin' so familiar its still so unknown
The closer that I get I swear it feels like...

      A    Bm
coming home
I ready to be brave
A   Bm
Oh yeah, When you look at me and say

D                     G
If ever I could love, I think it could be with you
D                    G
If ever I thought Id find somebody so true
D                    G
I wonder if you feel the same way that I do
D                    G
If ever I could love I think it could be with you

B|----15-17b---17r--17-15~ ------15-17b------19b-r-15~-----------|

B|----15 17b-----17r~--15---------13/15/17---19----------------------|

(Bridge: Play intro/verse progression)
If ever I could love, baby
If ever I could love
If ever I could love

If ever I could love, I think it could be with you
If ever I thought Id find somebody so true
I wonder if you feel the same way that I do
If ever I could love I think it could be with you

I was so scared to love again,
Feel the pain that came when she walked out of my life
And got hurt so bad
I swore Id never let another get inside this heart of mine
But she touched my hand
and every plan I had disappeared like a falling star
Now theres a new beginning
                                 G               D
and Im moving to the rhythm of a beating, braver heart

A braver heart

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