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Bedtime Story chords - Tammy Wynette

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Tammy Wynette Sheet music
Recorded by: Tammy Wynette
Writers: Billy Sherrill & Glen Sutton

[S:A] I've told you almost ev'ry bedtime [S:A] story
And [S:A] you've heard almost ev'ry nursery [S:E] rhyme
So, to-[S:D] night before you go to sleep
And [S:A] pray the Lord your [S:F#] soul to keep
Here's [S:B] mommy's favorite [S:E] story one more [S:A] time.

[A] Once upon a time there was a castle
And in this castle lived a King and [E] Queen
And it [D] came to pass, they were both were blessed
[A] By one little [F#] blue-eyed princess
[B] With the softest golden curls you've ever [E] seen.

[A] But then one day, he met this pretty lady
And she had lots of pretty words to [E] say
And [D] this part makes your mommy sad
'Cause, [A] oh, what big [F#] eyes she had
And she [B] took his hand and [E] led him far a-[A] way. [D] [A]

[D] Still, it's just a-[E] nother bedtime [A] story
But [E] tellin' it brings teardrops to my [A] eyes
[D] Just another [E] pretty bedtime [A] story
So, please forgive [E] mommy if she [A] cries.


[Bb] Then it came to pass, the King grew lonely
And the pretty lady wasn't all she [F] seemed
He [Eb] realized that he was wrong
And [Bb] started his long [G] journey home
For [C] he misses little Princess and his [F] Queen.

[Bb] Then he was back and safe inside his castle
And tears of joy came pourin' down like [F] rain
[Eb] Then the castle rang with laughter
[Bb] They lived happy [G] ever after
[C] Knowin' he would [F] never leave a-[Bb] gain. [Eb] [Bb] 

[Eb] Still, it's just a-[F] nother bedtime [Bb] story
But [F] tellin' it brings teardrops to my [Bb] eyes
[Eb] Just another [F] pretty bedtime [Bb] story
So, please forgive [F] mommy if she [Bb] cries.   

[Eb] Won't you [Bb] please ...forgive your [F] mommy
If she [Eb] cr-i-es. [Bb]


Tammy Wynette ChordsTammy Wynette Lyrics

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