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The Battery chords - Lost Trailers

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Lost Trailers Sheet music
                G                Bm           C                 G
I woke up on The Battery on a Charleston Friday night 
        D                          C                          G
With my dirt-stained Corduroys and Balances crumpled up by my side
       G             Bm              C                    D
I said goodbye to my company, then I shook it on down the line
D                        C                                    G  
Sometimes I get a little lonely, and wish I hadn't left her behind

D            C               G            D             C                 G
'Cause every highway bears a bright sign, posted on the side of a roaring world
D         C              G                      A        C               
And every passerby rolls back again, and in the end, you get what you're looking for
                   G                                D
So just give me my good friends, And a good hearted woman 
                  G                       C
Just give me some high times to fall back on 
                         G                               D 
Sometimes I might need a cool drink and the good Lord to save me 
               C    D                G
Then I will be found, then I will be found

Ran out of gas on the freeway, 'bout a quarter mile from Abilene
That Texas sun just-a hung in the sky, smiling on me
A stranger stopped named Casey, said he's a friend of a friend of mine
He said, "It shore is a small world." I said, "It suits me just fine."


Well they put me in a jail cell before a race in Bristol, Tennessee
Don't you go to Sully County if you want to be free
But there are two ways you can take things, you can make them right or keep them wrong
So I kept my mouth closed and played Dominoes 'til the judge sent me home


So just give me my good friends
And a good hearted woman 
Just give me some high times to fall back on 
Sometimes I might need a strong drink 
And the good Lord to save me 
Then I will be found, I will be found

Lost Trailers ChordsLost Trailers Lyrics

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